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Blog Feature - Annie and Islabean

Blog Feature - Annie and Islabean
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Introducing one of our lovely stockists, Annie and Islabean

Not only is Karen a lovely mum, store owner and entrepeneur but she is a local Melbourne lady! Want to learn more about her awesome kids clothing online store? Read here:

1. How did Annie and Islabean come about? Whats your background? 

 Annie and Islabean was born out of a love of fashion, all fashion, not only kids fashion, and the desire to have flexible working hours to see my girls grow up and be there when they need me. In my previous life (pre-kids) I used to be an accountant but after having the little munchkins I couldn't see myself going back to a 9 - 5 job,  when I already had a job at home. What could be more important than raising my too young ladies? 
2. With so many businesses in retail closing at the moment, your business is thriving, what would be your top tip to be successful online?
My top tips for a successful online business would be to know your numbers, to be kind and always pay your bills on time and to never lose sight of why your chose this path in the first place. Another important part is to know your strengths and weaknesses and to invest in your own development. If you don't know something then learn it!
3. What styles do you predict to be in fashion for 2020?
The Winter 2020 season we will see lots of warm neutral colours. Easy to wear styles like tracksuits for girls and lost of layering with standout pieces that tie back with multiple outfits. Disco inspired styles and fabrics are also making a comeback which I predict will bleed into the Summer 20 season. You are either going to love it or hate it.
4. Whats your favourite thing about running an online store? Whats your least favourite?  
My favourite thing about running an online store is the flexibility that allows me to do school pick ups and drop offs and the occasional school event. It allows me to work nights and mornings during school holidays so we can do fun things during the day. I also love seeing pics of our little customers on socials or receiving emails from mummas who have taken time out of their busy schedules to email us a happy snap or some lovely feedback. Times like these I wish we had a Brick and Mortar store so we could meet everyone in person and see the little happy faces in their new outfits. 
My least favourite thing about running an online store is the isolation. And being a solo-entrepreneur means that when I don't have the answers I don't have anyone else to go to for support. But it has taught me that I am far more capable than I thought I was and that you are only limited by your own imagination and fear. 


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